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Get Hired Now - Knock Walk

Transition with Confidence: From Classroom to Boardroom

Our Campus to Corporate (C2C) program is designed to ease your transition from academic life to professional success. Bridging the gap between academic learning and corporate expectations, C2C offers a comprehensive training regimen that equips students with the skills to secure rewarding internships and full-time positions in various industries.

Advantages for Students Looking to Start Their Career

1. CV Optimization 

Our CV Preparation module guides you to highlight your skills and achievements effectively, making your CV stand out in a crowd of applicants.

3. Soft Skills Development 

Our Soft-skills Training module nurtures your communication and interpersonal skills, which are critical for a successful career in any industry.

5. Life Transformation

The Life / 360 Transformation module encourages personal growth, fosters resilience, and helps you adapt to various situations.

7. Placement Support

Our Placement Services assist you in landing internships and full-time positions in reputed firms, giving your career a head start.

9. Digital Marketing Skills

Specialized training in Digital Marketing prepares you for one of the most in-demand fields, boosting your employability.

2. Interview Mastery 

We equip you with effective interview techniques to confidently respond to expected and tricky questions, thus increasing your chances of selection.

4. Enhanced Memory & Focus 

Our Memory & Focus Training helps you hone your cognitive abilities, boosting your performance in tasks requiring concentration.

6. Competency Assessment

We offer Assessment Tools to identify your strengths and areas of improvement, helping to tailor your learning pathway.

8. Real-World Exposure

Through our Shadow Internship, you gain exposure to real-world work environments, helping you understand industry expectations.

10. End-to-End Guidance

Our collaborative approach provides end-to-end guidance from college to your first step into the corporate world.

Why choose us

Holistic Approach

We integrate soft skills and job-related competencies into our student grooming program.

Experienced Trainers

Our team comprises seasoned professionals bringing industry insights to the training process.

Get Hired Now” Program

An exclusive program designed to prepare students for interviews and set a clear vision for their career paths.

Personalised Guidance

We offer customised coaching, adapting our teaching strategies to each student’s needs and strengths.

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    Why Knock Walk?

    KnockWalk's student grooming program caters to a broad audience. Our learners range from individuals seeking to improve their skills, students from schools and colleges aspiring to start their careers on the right foot, to professionals aiming to make a mark in their fields. Our diversified approach helps us serve everyone effectively as we continue to enhance their capacity for success and productivity.
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    In-Depth View of Program Modules

    1. CV Preparation

    This module provides step-by-step guidance on creating compelling CVs. You'll learn how to effectively showcase your skills, academic achievements, and experiences to attract recruiters' attention.

    2. Interview Skills

    This module offers comprehensive training on how to excel at interviews. From understanding interview dynamics to mastering techniques to handle tough questions, this module prepares you to make a lasting impression.

    3. Soft-skills Training

    Here, we focus on developing your communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and leadership skills. These soft skills are crucial for thriving in today's collaborative work environments.

    4. Memory & Focus Training

     This module helps you enhance your cognitive abilities. Techniques taught here will boost your memory and focus, helping you excel at tasks that require mental acuity.

    5. Life / 360 Transformation

    This holistic module aids personal development and encourages a positive attitude towards life's challenges. We teach strategies for resilience and adaptability, key for navigating life and career.

    6. Assessment Tools

    Our comprehensive assessment tools provide valuable insights into your strengths and weaknesses. This helps tailor your learning journey and develop a personalized growth plan.

    7. Placement Services

    Our extensive network of corporate partnerships facilitates successful placements. We offer tailored support in job hunting, application, and interview process to secure rewarding opportunities.

    8. Shadow Internship

     This immersive experience offers a taste of the real-world work environment. By shadowing professionals, you gain firsthand knowledge of industry practices and expectations.


    • What skills do you focus on for student grooming?
      We concentrate on various skills, including communication, time management, interview skills, interpersonal abilities, and vision setting, to prepare students for the professional world.
    • How does the “Get Hired Now” program work?
      Our program provides comprehensive training designed to prepare students for job interviews and equip them with skills that employers value the most.
    • What sets your student grooming program apart?
      We believe in a holistic approach to student development, combining practical job skills with soft skills training, ensuring our students are job-ready and well-rounded individuals.
    • Do you provide personalised guidance?
      Absolutely! We understand that every student has unique strengths and areas for improvement. Our experts offer personalised feedback and tailored strategies to ensure optimal learning and progress.