Excel In Your Industry With The Powerful Soft Skills.

Developing your skills one step at a time

Soft Skills Training

Our Soft skills training program focuses on to prepare you for your present and the executive you can become in your future.

Leadership Retreats

Our Leadership Development training program involves several topics- such as ethical leadership & forming a strong team.

Team Building

We all have known about organizational aim, where the company looks at and to have a smooth output of it.

Keynote Talks

Speaking & storytelling moves us, most of the times. It shows and predicts our weaknesses in life-The world of listening gives us.

Business Analysis & Strategies

Our program provides personality development training for entrepreneurs and business leaders globally.


Fire walking is the ultimate challenge designed to break through the subconscious barriers and harness the power within yourself with a transformed mindset.

Knock Walk covers a range of individuals and corporate training needs. A careful analysis allows identification of a needs based training schedule, be it a one-time session or a series of workshops!

Industries covered
Team Building Sessions
Training Sessions
School Outings

Our Founder and Chief Trainer

A Leadership Coach, Corporate Trainer, Team Building Expert & an Aromatherapist, – these keywords may not define me in totality but would provide a definitive insight on how I impact lives around me.

Leadership coaching comes naturally to me, after having facilitated scores of leadership training sessions and team building events beyond a number of impactful leadership retreats with CEOs and CMOs of Multinational Firms.

I have been felicitated with the National award from PITBI (Padhega India, Toh Badhega India) and the achievement award from SCG (Sikh Career Growth).

Being featured as the co-author in the book ‘Leadership in the new normal’ and ‘Content in the digital age’ by Anita Joseph and last but not least Hindustan times, I enjoy delivering Soft skills pieces of training to a larger populace of professionals and hearing words of gratitude from them over time has only strengthened by the belief that communication and interpersonal skills are key to success for a professional.


Clients Testimonials

I always knew that soft skills training is significant for sales but with KnockWalk, I got a chance to learn this new skill set that helped me immensely in my field.

Jagdeep Singh

I have a difficult time concentrating and the lack of focus has been hampering my understanding of things and overall growth. Knockwalk changed my perspective and gave me a direction in life.

Poojasvi Singh

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