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Knock Walk

Dr. Gunjandeep-Singh

Knock Walk is not just about imparting skills or knowledge. It's about facilitating transformations. We envision a world where anyone, anywhere has the power to transform through learning. Let us accompany you on this remarkable journey of discovery and achievements. Join hands with us today to unleash the success waiting within you.
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Unleashing Potential: Your Journey with Knock Walk

At Knock Walk, we serve as guides in your pursuit of success, in both professional and personal domains. We specialize in providing bespoke coaching and training programs tailored to unlock the inherent potential in individuals and teams. As seasoned team building experts, our programs are designed to create synergies within corporate teams, boosting productivity, and fostering a culture of excellence.

Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses an array of soft skills trainings, including but not limited to communication skills, time management, interview skills, selling skills, interpersonal skills, leadership, negotiation skills, and stress management. We also offer specialized team building events and facilitations, both outbound and inbound, designed to stimulate collaboration and unity.

To instill resilience and fearlessness, we conduct unique events like fire walk or Agni walk, nail walk, and broken glass walk. Our ‘Get Hired Now Program’, aimed at college students, is designed to sharpen their interview skills and set a clear vision for their future. For corporates seeking to optimize performance, we offer productivity coaching that focuses on instilling strategies to drive output and efficiency.

Our trainers also conduct transformative leadership training sessions aimed at developing effective leaders who can guide their teams towards success. Furthermore, we offer dedicated retreats themed around happiness, leadership, fear, and productivity that provide opportunities for self-reflection, discovery, and growth.

We hold an ardent enthusiasm for what we do and prioritize the advancement of your enterprise.


The Knock Walk Leadership: Experience & Excellence

Meet the dynamic force driving Knock Walk’s success: our executive team. Accumulating over 50 years of combined experience, our team members have a proven track record of excellence, demonstrated by 900+ projects successfully delivered to more than 500 esteemed brands. Their unwavering commitment and expertise make Knock Walk a trusted name in the industry, pushing boundaries, driving transformations, and shaping the future of professional and personal success.

Dr. Savneet Kaur Bhasin
Trainer & Healer
A celebrated healer with profound intuitive prowess, Dr Savneet specializes in predicting futures and offering spiritual guidance. With a foundation in Holistic Healing, beginning with Reiki in 1993, she seamlessly integrates various modalities, ensuring her clients lead rejuvenated lives. Her recognition spans notable platforms such as The Asian Age, Mumbai Mirror, and Tata Sky.
Jasmeet Singh Chandhok
Skill Development Expert
A dynamic trainer and coach, Jasmeet’s mission is to amplify potential. His rich tapestry of skills spans coaching, ecommerce, and a keen interest in AI. Known for enhancing soft skills and business growth, he seamlessly merges traditional coaching methods with modern ecommerce strategies, guiding clients towards a promising digital future.

Our Board of Mentors

Harbinder Narula
A visionary with over two decades in Telecom VAS and Internet, Harbinder’s journey features leadership roles at Google India and the Times Group. With an adeptness in forging strategic alliances, he has evolved into an evangelist at HealthFAQ and founder of Mansai Media, leveraging the power of Personal Branding for professionals.
Gulraj S. Shahpuri
As the CEO of the esteemed Right at Home franchises, Gulraj ensures exceptional home care services across the Peninsula region. Previously an influential business leadership coach, he impacted over 50,000 professionals and supported the escalation of 300+ diverse businesses. His sessions, brimming with insight, have been transformational for many.

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