School Trips

Knockwalk is specialised in merging the process of learning with travel forming educational experiences for school students. We conceptualise educational school trips which involve learning and travelling.

Travelling for educational luxury is a world trend which knock walk is promoting, all over India. We divide each trip intro three fun segments which are pre-trip, on-trip and post-trip. But, before we begin up-holding the trip, we exercise what you need to carve from these experiences.


We conceive the whole trip around the learning of your students as well as teaching professionals. Knock walk is the best in planning and executing such trips for students- we have custom made travel modules which you can advise and change at any given point.


In the field of school trips, travel can be challenging and very dynamic but we make it exciting and fun for you which often also includes a great opportunity for businesses and several other rewards. Travel & Evolve with us, at Knock Walk.

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