Grooming Student for Jobs

Knock Walk provides personality development training for professionals and students globally. Whether you are a fresher or a professional, your personality dictates your network, growth and the impact you make on people. Whether you are looking for bragging rights within a talk group or trying to make an impact at work or in school or in life, in general, your personality is key.


This will help students to crack job interviews and excel the recruitment process. A Grooming Students Program would enhance a student’s soft-skills, give them exposure, learn about industries, develop their personality, boost self-confidence and motivate them. Go on, live a life where you impress or make the impact you wish to make. Placement Grooming plays an important role when it comes to filling the gap between academics and the corporate world.


Change is the only constant and developing yourself allows for more maturity and allows for you to open up in a range of situations in life. Get that one-to-one session or a group session with Knock Walk’s personality development trainers.

Image Management

To enhance the impact of appearance through



-Body language



The Image Management program teaches the art and science of presenting yourself right in your personal,professional and social life.



Interview Skills

Interview Preparations


-Preparing for interview

-Review own skills, experience and qualities,

-Body Language,



-Communication Skills

-Problem Solving Skills

-IT Skills

-Balanced Personality

-Research the company before presenting yourself

-The interview experience

-Phone Interview

-Face-2-Face Interview

-Technical Interview

-Group Interviews

-Role Plays

-Behavioral Interview

-Questions To Expect And To Ask

-Different Types Of Interviews

-Assessment Centres

-Psychometric Tests

-Aptitude Tests

-Behaviour Test

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Having just knowledge in itself is not sufficient, it is important to communicate it to the others effectively. In fact learning how to effectively communicate is a key to success. By the way of being successful in getting our message across via communication, we convey our ideas and thoughts effectively.

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Life Design

The Why defines your efforts, inclination, passion and success in anything and everything you do! How you do the smaller things ultimately defines your path in life – be it professionally, socially or emotionally. This workshop helps you identify the various aspects of your life and how they stitch together to define you and where you reach, including how fast you reach there. Start with the little steps that take you closer to your destination.

– Health and wellness

– Intellectual

– Character

– Love relationship

– Parenting

– Social

– Career

– Financial

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